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Mehrdad MehrAeen is an Iranian-Australian visual artist and musician with an extensive and diverse career spanning over two decades. His artistic journey is a testament to his profound connection with the world of creativity and nature. Mehrdad's artistic odyssey began in his middle school years when he discovered his passion for calligraphy and painting. He embarked on a lifelong pursuit of honing his skills and cultivating his artistic vision, a journey that he initiated during middle school and continued upon his relocation to Australia in 2013.The move to Australia marked a pivotal chapter in Mehrdad's artistic evolution. Faced with the challenges of isolation and homesickness, he channeled his emotions into his creative works, using art as a means to explore and express his profound connection with the natural wonders of his new home. In 2019, Mehrdad achieved a significant milestone in his career when he held his inaugural Australian exhibition at the Peacock Gallery in Sydney. This event was a testament to his remarkable talent and unique artistic perspective. Shortly thereafter, his exceptional artwork titled "Water, Wind, Soil" earned him the esteemed 1st prize of the 2019 Cumberland Art Award.Mehrdad's artistic contributions extend beyond the gallery space. His works have been featured in several prominent public art projects, including the Hurstville Plaza Public Art Project in 2019 and the M1 Noise Barrier Wall Public Art Project in 2022, where his creations added a touch of creativity and vibrancy to public spaces. Mehrdad's artistic philosophy centers around the power of improvisation in the creative process. He approaches his work with a unique perspective, utilizing calligraphy as a standalone, pictorial dimension, freeing it from the constraints of text and meaning. His art captures the essence of his emotions and experiences through the eloquence of unreadable writing. His creative practice is an alchemy of shapes, colors, and forms drawn from the natural world. Grounded in the beauty of the Earth, Mehrdad's work delves into the natural and esoteric mysteries of our planet. His signature approach involves transforming letters into objects of geometric beauty, incorporating Persian shapes, dashes, dots, and lines inspired by nature. These elements are masterfully juxtaposed to form intricate patterns that breathe life onto the canvas, telling stories, and painting vivid pictures. Mehrdad's artistic journey remains deeply influenced by the natural environment of Australia. Mehrdad's artworks encapsulate a mesmerizing odyssey, seamlessly weaving together the vivid forms and colors found in both in the nature and sky. His creations invite viewers to embark on a transformative journey, where the boundaries between the terrestrial and celestial realms dissolve, and the harmonious interplay of nature's beauty takes center stage. In his art, Mehrdad crafts a visual narrative that transcends conventional boundaries and invites contemplation of the profound connections between the tangible and the transcendent, making each piece a testament to the limitless possibilities of artistic expression. Mehrdad draws profound inspiration from the poetry of Sohrab Sepehri, finding a deep resonance in Sepehri's exploration of unity and continuity. Through Sepehri's verses, Mehrdad discovers a profound source of creative energy, allowing him to infuse his own artistic expressions with a sense of universal connection and enduring flow. The influence of Sohrab Sepehri's poetry is a guiding light in Mehrdad's creative journey, shaping his work with a profound appreciation for the unity and continuity that transcends time and space.

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