Mehrdad MehrAeen is a professional Sydney based, Iranian visual artist and musician with over 17 years’ experience. He showed an interest in calligraphy and painting when he was in middle school. He started to build and develop his arts practice during high school and continued until he moved to Australia.

He moved to Australia in 2013  and continued his artistic endeavours in Australia. After finding himself to be totally alone and homesick, he started to research in loneliness, and explored his feelings through his artworks and focused on forms in nature of Australia.
After 5 years of work and research in loneliness, The artist  held his first Australia exhibition at Peacock Gallery, Sydney in 2019. Few weeks after that he won the 1st prize of 2019 Cumberland art award for his artwork "Water, Wind, Soil "
In  May 2019 one of his artworks  has been selected and for Hurstville Plaza Public Art project in Sydney.


Mehrdad believes in improvisation through the art making process. He paints by using calligraphy in its alone pictorial dimension, getting free of the text and of the meaning of the words, free in the gesture of unreadable writing.
His creative practice is an alchemy of the shapes, colours and forms of the natural world. He grounds his visual work in the beauty of the earthbound. The natural and esoteric mysteries of earth are a common theme that he especially explore in his calligraphic painting. Letters as objects of geometric beauty, Persian shapes, dashes, dots and lines that derive from nature, juxtaposed to form patterns that move along a canvas to create an image, tell a story, paint a picture. His influences in Australia remain with the natural environment. Themes of loneliness and isolation are part of this story. Mehrdad creates artworks with letters that are underpinned by strong conceptual  patterns