Earth and Stars

120cm ×120cm Acrylic on canvas I love astronomy and night sky photography. Idea of this abstract work has been with me for such a long time : how to create an Calligraphic painting work inspired by night sky photography?!. This work is painted with the letter of "vāv" and dots to create an image of the earth and stars in the milky way.

Gum tree stump
Green leaves on gold stump

Tree is one of the venerable and many times mentioned things in Sohrab Sepehri's poems , my most favourite poet. In ancient Iranian culture also cypress tree has been sacred and symbol of freedom and immortality .Tree stumps are one of my subjects for painting abstract forms these days. Most of these forms have saved in my mind when I've been researching in nature of Australia during of my loneliness times past 7 years.

Fishes in Persian pool

Fishes In Persian Pool Acrylic on canvas 100cm×100cm


inspired by the colorful soils of Hormuz Island acrylic on canvas 100 cm × 100 cm

Dome of the Paradise (inspired by Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque's dom)

Inspired by Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque's dom 90cm×90cm Mixed martial on canvas

Tree Log

Inspired by tree stump,Created with more than 1500 Farsi letters 100cm×100cm Acrylic on canvas

InThe Garden

100cm ×100cm acrylic on canvas Inspired by one of Sohrab Sepehri poems : Dar Golestaneh

Pahlavi Inscription

a modern inscription inspired by the Pahlavi Alphabet(the middle Persian script developed from the Aramaic Script which became the official script of Sasanian Empire 224-651 AD)


You are my heart, you are my world and life is pleasant with you.(Rumi)

The Sun

you are Sun of my dream,keep shining warmer Fereydoon Moshiri


Inspired by Iranian women's traditional skirts colours acrylic on canvas 120 cm ×90 cm

The Old World

Using the Siyah Mashgh form in modern style to reminding one of the Khayyam Robaeies: Those who are new, and those who are old Will run along for a furlong or two, But the old world does not remain faithful We are going, we’re gone; others follow; so on and on Acrylic on canvas 120cm ×70cm

The Flower

ink on paper